Group Registration


I am the group leader and i don’t have a group registration account yet

to start a new group registration and create an online group registration account for EANS2019.


Go to the online portal Group Registration


Click “Start new group registration” and fill in all required fields


As soon as you are logged in, proceed to the section “Group Registration / Overview” to register your participants

I am the group leader and i already have an existing group registration account from previous eans congresses

If the group leader has already registered a group for EANS2017 or EANS2018 and therefore has an existing group registration account, please do NOT start a new group registration. All data have been saved in the group account.


Enter the group username and password you have selected


Proceed to the section “Group Registration / Overview” to register your participants

Adding persons to a group, you can either start a new registration for attendees or search for persons with existing account (from EANS2017 or EANS2018).

If the group leader wishes to start a new registration for attendees who are Members of EANS: When inserting the attendee’s data, make sure to use the same email address the member is using for his/her EANS membership at Using another email address will result in not being able to get the reduced congress fee for members.


It is essential that the group leader provides the link to the personal online registration portal MyUserArea as well as the instructions how to login to all group members. Without this link attendees cannot access their important official registration documents (QR-code for name badge print or certificates. Furthermore, the attendees won’t be able to book and pay for additional items (e.g. participation in the networking event).


Your online group registration account can be entered at any time with any technical device. The only requirement is a working internet connection. Click here to login with the group username and password.
In the MyGroupArea the group leader can add new participants to the group in the section “Group Registration / Overview”. Furthermore, the group leader can view or print the official registration documents like the invoice(s) or visa invitation letter.


In case the group leader has forgotten his/her username/password for the group there is the possibility to reset the group login data here. The group leader will then receive an email to the email address as stated in the group leader data with a link to reset the password.